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The roof construction of a log home can become a very important design element. The interior appearance of the primary rooms in the home are greatly affected by the roof construction. With a log structure, the first question is “What do you want it to look like inside?” The second factor, of course, is the cost. The more elaborate the log home roof system, the higher the cost. 
Gastineau Log Homes offers many different types of log home roof systems. Five of our most popular styles are shown in the following diagrams. They range from a conventional truss log roof design as used in most frame homes, to a solid timber rafter system with rigid insulation. And everything in between! 
We have designed many different custom log home roof systems for our customers to provide them with the interior “look” that they want in their log home. If we don’t show you here what you are looking for, then give us a call. Describe it to us and we will let you know if we can engineer and design that particular log home roof system just for you.

Conventional Truss Roof System

Timber Truss & Conventional Rafter System

Conventional Rafter Detail

Solid Timber Rafter System with Rigid Insulation

Timber Truss & Purlin Roof System with Rigid Insulation

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