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Log Home Builders - Log Cabin Builders

As a log home manufacturer, we assist our customers in their search for a log home builder in two ways:

  1. providing them with the names and contact information of log home builders
  2. providing training and support for all log home builders, including those on our builder list and builders that our customers have found independently.

We accomplish #1 above by providing our customers with a Gastineau Log Home Builders List.  There are two groups of builders on this list.  Group A are builders that have built one of our log homes and have completed a Quality Assurance Visit.  Group B is a list of builders that have not built one of our log homes but have completed a Gastineau Log Home Builder or Gastineau Log Home Construction Seminar.  After they have built a log home and completed our Quality Assurance Visit, they are moved into Group A.

We accomplish #2 above in a variety of ways.  These include:

  1. "Construction Seminars." These full day seminars are free to
    builders. The focus is on specific log construction details. Critical
    bidding information is also provided. Although consumers are also at the
    seminar, a separate "Builder Track" is offered during the day.
  2. Construction Manual:  a very detailed yet easy to read manual is available.  
  3. A Toll Free Service number is available to your or your builder to ask any questions that may come up before or during the construction of the home.  Our staff has decades of experience in log home construction.
  4. The director of our Design and Engineering department is a Mo. licensed engineer and can answer any specific engineering questions.  He has been a builder, also.
  5. Quality Assurance Visit:  We come to each job site during construction to make sure that the home has been built in accordance with our plans and construction manual. 

If you are planning to hire a builder to construct your log home, be sure to ask for our Responsibility Form.  This can be used to obtain quotations from different log home builders to ensure that they are quoting exactly what you want them to include in their bid.  It also ensures that all the builders are including the same things in their bids so you can easily compare prices.  Give us a call to obtain a free copy.

Please note:
It is the sole responsibility of the customer to arrange for the construction of their home. We suggest that you talk to several log home builders and other builders in your area.  Always check their references and visit at least one of their structures if possible.  It is always good to ask for bids from more than one builder.  Remember, however, to always look at cost and at quality when choosing a builder.  None of the builders on the Builder List are in any way connected, either financially or otherwise, with Gastineau Log Homes.

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